Best of Groupon Merchant 2016 Award
February 1, 2016
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Scare Away the Pounds & Inches

Scare Away the Pounds & Inches! A $489 value for $179!

This is a 1.5 hour long treatment to target toning, detoxing, contouring, firming and relaxation.

Super Sudatonic Body Wrap
($250 value)
*Infrared rays penetrate deep into your core to detox through to your organs, burn up to 6,000 calories. All this while relaxing in a facial…

Ultrasound Facial + Collagen Mask
($210 value)
*Penetrate nourishing Collagen 60% deeper into skin using ultrasonic vibrations that also exfoliate and extract.

Foot Reflexology
($29 value)
*Balancing and rejuvenating Foot Treatment using accupressure to relieve blockages that correlate to areas of the body.

($489 total value)

All these treatments just $179

First 12 to reserve may get
3 for just $399!!